This fiction is written in Chinese and translated to English by myself. Please don't mind any spelling or grammar errors in the article. If you can read Chinese, I suggest you read the original story.

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Main character: Qiu Yi Yin(Mu Jia), Lei Ye
Supporting role: Lei Zhen, Shuang Xue, Xun Er, Guan Qing
Story overview: In an incidentally chance, Qiu Yi Yin came into the world which the orcs lived. She, Mu Jia, were daughter of lion chief here. Then, she encountered the son of eagle chief, Lei Ye. They were incompatible with each other according to the ban setting. However, Qiu Yi Yin broke the rule which followed for many years. Even because of her, the ethnic antagonism in this world are going to uncover.

Prologue  Cruel Massacre
In a huge castle, different ethnic chiefs and elders gathered together. They were discussing a major thing in this world.
“I’m sure you all know the purpose why we gather here this time. We know that interracial offspring could be quite dangerous source of chaos according to the murderer continuously perpetrated various crimes recently. In order to maintain our world peace, I propose that they shall be killed and their parents shall be permanent imprisoned.” proposed and said by Lei Zhen, the chief who first launched this meeting.
“Lei Zhen, your proposal is really lack of careful considerations. We can’t because an interracial offspring make evils to believe that they are all heinous.” said by another chief, Mu Rui.
He opposed such a generalize approach. In addition, the first fall in love interracial couples were agreed by them. If they kill interracial offspring, all the efforts which they did in the past will waste.
He admitted that the prisoner who disturbed to make all ethnic groups panic recently was really sinful. But should they kill interracial offspring just because of the prisoner? He believed that murderer just a single case.
And so many years just as he knew, the offspring who fell in love interracial couples gave birth in this world were not too majority but not too minority. If he really did it according to the opinion of Lei Zhen, the population of this world would have a huge fluctuation.
After listened what Mu Rui said, Lei Zhen bend his brows and seemed to consider a little bit.
But later, he still said: “How do you so sure that they will not like the murderer? Maybe that is their bad instincts, but it doesn’t show up. Now that we have already known what will happen in the future, why don’t we strike first? You need to know because your possible soft-hearted moment, there are similar incidents again. Then how many children will die again?”
“I……” a few words what Lei Zhen said just before let Mu Rui lost for words to refute.
That murderer’s crimes were rape, murder, and captivity and all objects were without any resistance defenseless children. Many children in different ethnic, including Mu Rui’s ethnic, were killed, and he didn’t want to see this situation again.
“In addition to Mu Rui have doubts about the proposal, do other people have doubts or better suggestions?” said by Lei Zhen.
He looked at other chiefs and elders. They didn’t have any responses, so he went on to say “If there are no objections, we vote according to the proposal.”
After Lei Zhen consulted with every ethnic elder’s consent, the voting was counted by his ethnic elder.
As time went by, the affirmative votes and dissenting votes have been showing a seesaw battle. Even close to the end, the positive and negative votes were same. The last chief has been no statement until he voted a casting vote in the last moment to pass the proposal.
Although Mu Rui didn’t want to accept this result, he still had to agree. Because this was their rule, the minority should obey the majority decision.
A few days later, all ethnic groups have started to accumulate their own tribal warriors. They were ready to massacre interracial offspring. Mu Rui and other opposed chiefs and elders haven’t sent warriors to participate in the killings, but terror havoc still couldn’t be avoided.
Interracial offspring were all slaughtered after half a month massacre action. The parents were also killed not because they fight to the death to protect their children or else because they couldn’t bear to saw their kids to die miserably shock, they chose suicide themselves along with their children together.
By the fear of someone could fall in love with interracial and re-birth the cruel and brutality offspring again, Lei Zhen proposed a ban setting to prohibit interracial love. After his operating and incitement words, most chiefs and elders voted affirmative votes to make the proposal also passed.
The world seems to peaceful based on the ban after the massacre, but Mu Rui knew that all ethnic groups have been torn apart because of this decision for peace but cruel to kill more people.

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